UG Program: B.Tech-M.Tech Integrated Dual Degree In Bioengineering

B.Tech-M.Tech Integrated Dual Degree In Bioengineering

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Bioengineering integrates physical, chemical, mathematical, computational and life sciences with core engineering principles driving the technologies towards advances and applications in health, environment, agriculture, energy etc thereby improving the quality of life. It creates knowledge from the molecular to organ systems levels, develops materials, devices, systems, information approaches, technology management, and methods for assessment and evaluation of technology, for the biological applications. The discipline of bioengineering has evolved drastically over the past 50 years, seemingly encompassing all fields that include bioelectric phenomena, bioinformatics, biomaterials, biomechanics, bioinstrumentation, biosensors, biosignal processing, biotechnology, computational biology, medical imaging, etc. The B.Tech and M.Tech dual degree programme on Bioengineering strives to train the students in the field of physical, chemical, mathematical and biological sciences together with engineering principles for inculcating knowledge enabling them in developing and deploying Bioengineering technologies in various fields.

MTech allows the Bioengineers to specialise in four advanced focused areas:

  • Biomedical Engineering aimed at gaining expertise in the areas of diagnostics, therapeutic and assistive support for healthcare applications.
  • Agricultural Automation Technology aimed at providing automation and assistive support to agricultural practices.
  • Environmental Science and Engineering aimed at training bioengineers to develop environment friendly processing technologies involving bio-organisms.
  • Computational Bioengineering aimed at both developing algorithms and models to understand biological systems and processes

The curriculum will impart training to budding students that will cater to the requirements of Bio-based industries. At IIT Mandi, a student needs to complete 160 credits for B.Tech in 4 years and 70 credits for M.Tech in two years. The integrated dual degree programme in Bioengineering allows the students to go through a rigorous framework of core courses at Bachelors and Masters level and a comprehensive and detailed project and dissertation work which allows a student to graduate in 5 years with a B.Tech-M.Tech integrated dual degree earning 206 credits.

M.Tech Specializations:

  1. Biomedical Engineering
  2. Agro-Technology
  3. Environmental Science and Engineering
  4. Computational Bioengineering
A student can choose to take courses across specializations. In such a case, he/she will be awarded M.Tech in Bioengineering without any specialization.

  • The maximum number of students to be admitted in each branch of the B.Tech. program will be decided by the Senate. The actual number of students to be admitted in each academic year will be decided by the Dean’s Committee based on operational reasons. Statutory and legally mandated reservations will be followed as per Government of India orders from time to time
  • Admission to the B.Tech. programs in any year will be based on the results of a Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) of that year by the IITs and allocations made by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA).
  • The eligibility criteria for appearing at the Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) in any year will be decided by the Joint Admission Board (JAB). The criteria will be set out in an Information Brochure to be made available to the applicants along with the relevant application forms.
  • The JAB will decide on the procedure for conducting the Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) and preparing merit lists subject to minimum performance criteria in the examination. The JAB will offer admission from these lists to candidates, taking into account the choice of branch indicated by the candidate and the available seats in each branch in various IITs
  • At the time of admission, a candidate should have passed in the final examination of any of the qualifying examinations and fulfill other eligibility criteria specified in the JEE (Advanced) Information Brochure of that year.
  • A candidate has to fulfill the medical standards required for admission as set out in the Information Brochure of JEE (Advanced) examination.
  • The selected candidate will be admitted to the B.Tech. program after he/she fulfills all the admission requirements as indicated in the letter of admission, after payment of the prescribed fees.
  • In the matters of admission to the B.Tech. program, the decision of the Joint Admission Board is final.
  • If, at any time after admission, it is found that a candidate has not fulfilled all the requirements stipulated in the Information Brochure and/or in the offer letter of admission, then the admission of the candidate may be cancelled and the matter shall be reported to the Senate.
  • Students admitted to B.Tech. Program can opt for B.Tech. (Honours) degree during the fourth or fifth semester in accordance with the eligibility criteria defined by the Senate from time to time. As per the current criteria, a student may opt for B.Tech. (Honours) program if she/he has CGPA of 8.5 or more and no ‘F’ grade till fourth or fifth semester.
  • A limited number of foreign nationals and other categories can be admitted on supernumerary basis to the B.Tech. programs as per the procedure laid down by the JAB from time to time.

Students are admitted to undergraduate courses (four-year Bachelor of Technology) through an All-India entrance known as Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) conducted by all the IIT's, at various centres across the country.

PG Program: M.Tech Biotechnology

The Biosciences and Biotechnologies (BioX) at IIT Mandi is motivated by the needs in the field of human healthcare, food/agriculture, and environment sustainability in terms of development of new technologies for better disease diagnosis and management, identification and development of rare medicinally important molecules from various sources, and to clean and protect environment. Being present in the Himalayas, it aims to utilize the diverse resources easily available in the region to fulfil the above-mentioned goals. Motivated by the goals, IIT Mandi is committed to intensify academic teaching, research and development in several areas of BioX. M. Tech in Biotechnology programme is mainly initiated with the goal to train the next generation of students with cutting edge knowledge and skills suitable towards biotechnological research and Bio-industry needs such as biomedical/biopharma etc. The curriculum of M.Tech in Biotechnology programme at IIT Mandi is directed towards fundamental and practical understanding of the core biotechnology areas along with specialized fields in “Systems Biology” and “Medical and Nano-biotechnology”. In addition, elective courses from other disciplines provide interdisciplinary exposure to the students. The core-subjects, specialized theme areas of BioX, electives from other schools, hands on laboratory training along with the Thesis project component to be undertaken in-house/ other R&D institutes/ industries will enrich students with right skills required in the current Job market both in academia and industries, on completion of the program.

Credit Structure: A student, to be awarded M.Tech. degree, must need to earn 70 -72 credits. Program Specialization: The program offers an option to the student to obtain a specialization in the area of “Systems Biology” or “Medical and Nano-biotechnology”. Towards this the student needs to mandatorily credit at least three electives from the specialization basket and the respective specialization lab. If specialization is to be done then the dissertation project should preferably be from the similar area. Although obtaining a specialization is not mandatory and the program offers the flexibility to the students to opt for any of the specialization electives or other electives as per their choice from among those offered in BioX or related areas by the school.

The minimum educational qualifications for admission to the M.Tech. programs are as follows:

  • Candidates who have qualified for the award of Bachelor’s degree in Engineering / Technology or Master’s Degree in Science or Master’s Degree in Computer Application and who have qualified and have a valid score in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) are eligible to apply for admission to the M.Tech. programs.
  • For all B.Techs from IITs graduated with a CGPA of 8.0 or above, the requirement of GATE qualification is waived off.
  • Candidates who have qualified for the award of Bachelor’s degree in Engineering / Technology or Master’s degree in Science through distance education/ correspondence mode and having valid GATE score are also eligible to apply for admission to the M.Tech. program.
  • A student sponsored by a recognized R&D organization, academic institution, government organization or industry are eligible to apply for M.Tech. pro gr am on a fulltime basis. The Institute does not provide any assistantship to such students.
  • A candidate with Associate Membership of Professional Bodies equivalent to B.Tech., as approved by the Senate and having valid GATE score shall also be eligible to apply for admission to the M.Tech. program with assistantship, subject to regulations approved by the Senate.

For admission to M.Tech./M.Sc. program under regular/sponsored category, the concerned School shall adopt qualifying criteria for short-listing for interview/written test and prepare a merit list of selected candidates after interview/written test for all the categories.

PhD Program:

The applicant for admission to PhD program shall be in any one of the following categories:

  1. Regular full time research scholars including degree holders from foreign universities institutions:
    • Research scholar with MHRD assistantship.
    • Research scholar getting support from GOVT./Semi.Govt. Agencies (QIP, CSIR, UGC, DAE, DST, DBT, NBHM, JEST, ICCR etc. )
    • Research scholars under the external registration program sponsored by an employed in industry/ organization having R&D facilities and recognized by DST or IIT Mandi, national laboratories, reputed universities/ college or employed in research/ analysis job in public sector/ private sector/ government in the case of management area. The candidates seeking admission under this category must have at least two years of work experience. (a research scholar under the external registration program will normally carry out part or all of his/ her research work in the industry/ organization/ National Laboratory / universities employing the scholar under the supervision of a co-guide also employed in the same organization and a guide at IIT Mandi.)
    • Research scholar supported by self or the employer (sponsored).
    • Research scholar supported from project.
  2. part time research scholars including degree holders from foreign universities / institutions:
    • Research scholar working as a regular employee in the institute.
    • Research scholar supported from project
    • Research scholar working in other organisations recognized by IIT Monday or having MoU for research purposes.
  3. the research scholars pursuing PHD degree in and academic area in other IITs or in a recognized university or institute engineering/technology/sciences including social sciences may be given admission as little entry in the corresponding categories mentioned above, with credit transfer for the coursework. The research scholar working in a project will be full time, provided his research for PhD is related to the project as certified by the supervisor, who is associated with the project. A research scholar whose topic for PHD is unrelated to the project will be working part time for PhD but may be given full time status after the project tenure is completed.

Master’s degree in Sciences with a good academic record with a valid GATE score or UGC/CSIR NET/ Master’s degree in Engineering/Technology with a good academic record/ B. Tech degree of any IIT with a minimum of CGPA of 8.0 on a 10.0 point scale or with a valid GATE Score or B. Tech. / B.E degree of any recognized University in India with a minimum CGPA of 8.0 on a 10.0 point scale or equivalent with valid GATE score.

Interested candidates are encouraged to fill the online application form available in the following link: Apply Here

The general time of admissions to the Ph.D. program is in July and December, however applications are invited throughout the year. The interested candidates are requested to visit the IIT Mandi website from time to to time for the latest updates regarding notices and news.